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Welcome to the website of the Brenton Blue Trust (BBT)! The BBT was established in 1997 during the widely publicised and supported campaign to save the Brenton Blue butterfly.

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The BBT brought together all the key role players interested in saving the butterfly, including prominent NGOs such as the Lepidopterists’ Society of Africa (LepSoc) , the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), the Green Trust (GT) and the Wildlife & Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) as well as governmental organisations such as CapeNature (CN).

The campaign to save the Brenton Blue began in 1994 and continued until a Special Nature Reserve was proclaimed by National Government in 2003. The BBT then began to turn its attention to other endangered butterflies in the southern Cape such as the Knysna Skolly and Dickson’s Opal. Following completion of the SABCA project in 2011 LepSoc decided to launch a new conservation programme known as COREL.
In view of the substantial funding requirements necessary to implement this programme LepSoc approached the Trustees of the BBT in 2012 with a proposal that the BBT fund the COREL programme with LepSoc as their implementing agency. The Trustees agreed to this proposal, since it fitted in well with the BBT’s broader objectives of promoting Lepidoptera conservation and enabled the success of the Brenton Blue campaign to be repeated for other Lepidoptera (butterfly and moth) species.