Brenton Blue Trust


The Brenton Blue Trust (BBT) was founded in early 1997, and the trustees are all conservation bodies.


The Lepidopterists’ Society of Africa (LSA) (
The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) (
The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) (
The Western Cape Branch of LSA (WCB) (
The Highveld Branch of LSA (HB) (

Representatives of the Trustees

LSA – Ernest Pringle (Chair) ( 087 8035699
LSA – Jeremy Dobson (Deputy Chair) (   082 7838213
EWT – Dr Dave Edge (Treasurer) ( 074 5807288
WESSA – Lorna Watt (Secretary) ( 072 1259148
WCB – Andrew Morton ( 083 5010762
HB – Mark Williams ( 071 4837171

Aims and Objectives of the BBT

  1. To prevent the extinction of the Brenton Blue butterfly
  2. To promote its establishment in its previous and other habitats
  3. To support efforts aimed at conserving habitats necessary for the survival of other Lepidoptera species, in the interests of preserving biological diversity
  4. To promote nation-wide and international co-operation between individuals and organisations having aims similar to the BBT’s objectives
  5. To receive donations and bequests from any source whatsoever and without limitation as to area, in and outside of South Africa to finance projects tending to advance the objectives of the BBT.


The principal donations to the BBT to date have been:

Nedcor Limited           Erf 442,Brenton on Sea – part of SNR
The Habitat Council      R 30 000          General funding
The Green Trust          R 60 000          Research
WESSA                    R 10 000          Reserve maintenance
WCB                      R 200 000         Conservation of Western Cape butterflies
Private UK donors        R 158 000         COREL project
BRT Projects             R 365 000         SALCA project
N F Oppenheimer          R 100 000         Marketing
Scott Bader              R 28 000          General funding
Woolworths               R 100 000         LepiMAP project
Birding Africa           R 32 000          COREL project
Kloof Conservancy        R 10 000          COREL project


Trust Deeds

Annual Reports