Regional management (project) committees


In the original Brenton Blue Trust (BBT) deed provision was made for a Management Committee to be established to manage the day to day affairs of the Trust. This committee had its inaugural meeting in March 1998 and has continued to function up to the present, holding quarterly meetings. This committee brings together all the role-players having an interest in the conservation of the Brenton Blue and has been very successful in management of the reserve and maintenance of the Brenton Blue butterfly populations.

Consequently, when the BBT decided to adopt the COREL programme, which would involve similar issues and challenges to the original Brenton Blue campaign and subsequent operations, it was decided to adopt a similar strategy to ensure the cooperation of all role-players for the other 14 Critically Endangered butterflies and moths. The Trust Deed was accordingly revised to allow for regional management or project committees to be established for each species or group of species.

The BBT envisages establishing the following regional management committees;

  • Brenton – Brenton Blue (established)
  • Knysna – Knysna Skolly (established)
  • Entumeni, KZN – Millar’s Tiger (established)
  • Witsand, W Cape – Dickson’s Strandveld Opal (established)
  • Cape Town –Lion’s Head Copper, Barber’s Cape Flats Ranger, Dickson’s Hillside Brown