Critically Endangered butterflies and moths

Riley's Opal and Stoffberg Widow

Riley’s Opal and Stoffberg Widow


The Critically Endangered (CR) species determined during the SABCA project (Mecenero et al., 2013), plus the CR moth Callioratis millari, are listed below, with the province of occurrence and the custodians appointed by LepSoc. Three of these species occur in Limpopo, one in Mpumalanga, one in KwaZulu-Natal and ten in the Western Cape. Full details of each species are given on this website.

CR species (*possibly extinct) Province Custodian(s)
Alaena margaritacea (Wolkberg Zulu) Limpopo D McDermott/ A Coetzer
Anthene crawshayi juanitae (Juanita’s Hairtail) Limpopo R F Terblanche
Callioratis millari (Millar’s Tiger) KZN H S Staude
Chrysoritis dicksoni (Dickson’s Opal) W Cape D A Edge
Chrysoritis rileyi (Riley’s Opal) W Cape R F Terblanche/ H E Selb
Chrysoritis thysbe schloszae (Schlosz’s Opal) W Cape H E Selb
Dingana fraterna* (Fraternal Widow) Mpumalanga G A Henning
Erikssonia edgei (Waterberg Copper) Limpopo J C H Dobson/ O G Garvie
Kedestes barberae bunta (Barber’s False Bay Ranger) W Cape A Morton
Orachrysops niobe (Brenton Blue) W Cape D A Edge
Stygionympha dicksoni* (Dickson’s Brown) W Cape J B Ball
Thestor brachycerus brachycerus (Knysna Skolly) W Cape E A Bazin/ D A Edge
Trimenia malagrida malagrida* (Scarce Table Mountain Copper) W Cape J E White/ A J Claassens
Trimenia malagrida paarlensis (Scarce Paarl Mountain Copper) W Cape A Morton/ H E Selb
Trimenia wallengrenii wallengrenii (Wallengren’s Copper) W Cape J B Ball


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